Can you see me Friday 29th April 2022 Zee World

Can you see me Friday 29th April 2022 Zee World: on Can you see me Friday 29 April 2022 Zee World.

Rohini and Bobby morph Barbie’s pic with a boy and make Neelam play a drama showing pic to ACP and other. Rohini acts and asks who this boy is, is she having an affair. Neelam does her overacting. Barbie says she does not know who this boy is. Neelam asks where was she last night. Barbie says she slept outside last night as there was a ghost in her room. Neelam laughs. Bobby walks and asks what is happening. Even he sees pics and asks Barbie to tell this is lie. Barbie says she did not. Anandita and Pihu watch from balcony. Barbie runs to her room followed by her mom.

Barbie’s mom Bhagmati scolds Barbie and asks who this boy is. Barbie says she really does not know who he is and she did not meet him till now. Mom continues yelling and leaves. Anandita with Pihu walks in

and pampers Barbie, says she is such a good girl, her mother should not have scolded her.

Barbie says she does not know who that boy is, her mamma always taunts her about her obesity, she is 26 years old and unmarried, is it her mistake. Pihu pushes her. Barbie gets afraid. Anandita says she is her daughter Pihu. Barbie says ghost/bhoot. Anandita asks what. Pihu says yesterday she tricked Barbie last night. Barbie runs out requesting to spare her. Anandita asks why did she run away. Pihu says she does not know.

Bobby continues acting and says he loves Barbie and does not believe in all these pics even if the boy himself comes and tells, he will not believe him, he just loves Barbie and will marry only her.

After sometime, Rohini gets Boss/Vikram’s call who warns to return all his money in a day or face dire consequences. She informs Bobby and asks him to kidnap Barbie somehow and ask ransom from ACP. He says they are thieves and not kidnappers. She says there is no other way. He says he will plan then.

Barbie reminisces Pihu speaking to her and Anandita telling Pihu is her daughter, thinks she does not know what to do now. Someone switches off lights and tries to kidnap her. She pushes him and switches on light and sees Bobby on floor. Bobby says didi broke their alliance, so he wants them to elope and marry. Barbie says she cannot hurt her papa, sees jewelry box and asks how did he get it, if he stole it from papa’s room. He starts his usual emotional drama and she falls for it as usual. He convinces her again to elope and they elope from home.

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