Can you see me Monday 25th April 2022 Zee World

Can you see me Monday 25th April 2022 Zee World: on Can you see me Monday 25 April 2022 Zee World.

Gopal plays fluteand does his Leela. Bobby’s parent’s pamphlets fly away. They walk behind pamphlets collecting them. Pihu in Mike’s body follows pamphlets. Bobby’s father sees leaves on ground and sari pallu peeping out. He clears them and sees Anandita, says she is breathing. Pihu in mike ‘s body comes runnig and pleads to save her mamma. Vikram/Boss comes there and pulls out Anandita from ground. Pihu thinks this uncle wanted to kill mamma, then why he is saving her.

ACP checks each family member’s feet and finds injury on Neelam’s foot. Rohini asks Neelam where did she hide Anandita’s body. Neelam says she got injured yesterday, she does not know where Anandita is. Vikram walks in lifting Anandita and says she is here. Where did he find her. He says these 2 people

found her. Bobby’s parents walk in. Mother gets emotional seeing her son Babban and hugs him. Bobby pushes her and says they are imposters who are eyeing on his wealth. Father says god’s should not give such a son to anyone. Bobby warns to get out, else he will call police. ACP says police is here, no need to go outside. He asks if they have any proof. Mother opens bag to show proof when Neelam shouts Anandita’s is frothing from her mouth. Vikram rushes Anandita to her room and calls doctor. Doctor checks her and says she is fine now and asks how he is he related to Anandita. Vikram says he is her distant relative. Pihu reminisces Gopal telling Vikram is her blood relative and takes care of Anandita.
Bobby’s parents say when her son is not identifying them, what will they do staying here.

Vikram says they can do DNA test. ACP says he is right and tomorrow they will do DNA test and asks who is he. Vikram asks Bobby to tell who he is and then says he is their neighbor. ACP introduces himself as ex-ACP Hukumchand. Bobby tells Barbie if her father fails this time, he will decide whether he will marry her or not Barbie cries if she does not marry him, she will die. Vikram takes Bobby’s parents to a room and asks them to rest s they have a big day tomorrow. They say their own son is not identifying them, but being a stranger he is helping them. Rohini asks Bobby when Vikram is his boss’ aide, then why he is taking Anandita’s side. Bobby says he must be related to Anandita somehow. Rohini yells everything ws going well, but these oldies came and spoilt everything.

ACP scolds Mike for not bathing since days and wearing gir’s shirt and says he will bathe him now. Pihu gets into ACP’s body. ACP acts childhish like Pihu. Pihu enters Bhagwati’s body who also acts childish. Pihu then leaves Bhagwati’s body and gets into Mike’s boddy again. Mike waits in Anandita’s room. Anandita wakes up and asks who fed her water. Pihu says no one and asks Gopal to come out of idol. Gopal thinks he will not come out for sometime until Pihu gets justice to Barbie…

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