Can you see me Saturday 30th April 2022 Zee World

Can you see me Saturday 30 April 2022 Zee World: on Can you see me Saturday 30th April 2022 Zee World.

Pihhu sees Barbie and Bobby going out and tries to wake up Anandita, but she is sound asleep. Barbie walks out of house with Bobby and seeing a car asks if he brought it. He says he does not know. Mohini’s goons get out of car and hit Bobby’s head from behind. Bobby collapses. They throw away Barbie’s clothes and jewelry box, kidnap her and speed away in car. Vikram reaches and runs behind car. Whole family wakes up hearing Barbie’s plea and run out. They find Bobby on ground, Rohini shows her fake concern.

Vikram returns and says goons kidnapped Barbie, he ran behind their car, but could not stop it. ACP worriedly runs. Vikram stops him and says he will call police, let us go home. Mohini continues acting. Bobby wakes up.

ACP asks who took Barbie, where did they

go. Mohini yells how will he know, he was trying to protect Barbie instead and starts badmouthing about Barbie that she broke alliance after seeing Barbie’s affair with man, but Barbie told Bobby they should elope with her father’s jewelry box and money, good I saw box and saved it. ACP warns not to badmouth about his daughter. Mohini continues that his brother blindly fell in obese Barbie’s love and spoilt his life. Vikram asks him to shop, he has called police. Mohini’s kidnapper calls ACP and demands jewelry box and 25 lakhs money to free Barbie. ACP asks how does he know about jewelry box and 25 lakhs saved for Barbie’s marriage. Kidnapper disconnects call saying he will call back and inform location to bring money and box. He then alleges Rohini and Bobby that only they knew about it. Rohini continues yelling.

Vikram speaks to his contacts and informs that he asked his friends to track Goon’s number. Mohini gets tensed and insists ACP to pay goons. Bobby stops her. Mohini says Barbie is ACP’s only daughter and he should value her life. Neelam’s drama starts who will give 25 lakhs for an obese girl. ACP warns her to shut up. Bhagmati says Neelam is right.

Pihu uses her magic and runs behind car, she makes goon drive car reversely. Other goons yell him that he is acting as if booth is controlling. Barbie realizes Pihu has arrived. Pihu gets into car and asks Barbie not to worry, she has come. Barbie asks if she will kill her after rescuing her. Pihu says she is a good bhooth and will not harm her, she will save her instead and asks if she will befriend her. Barbie nervously agrees. Pihu opens car door and asks Barbie to run. Barbie runs and goons follow her. Pihu beats goons. Goons catch Barbie again and escape in car.

Anandita walks in searching Pihu and asks everyone if they saw her daughter Pihu. Neelima yells mad woman came to trouble them now. Anandita asks Mike if he saw her daughter, she is of his age. Bhagmati yells she does black magic, stay away from her son and pushes Anandita. Vikram holds Anandita and their eyes lock. Mohini gets jealous. Police comes later. Vikram expl

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