Can you see me Thursday 21st April 2022 Zee World

Can you see me Thursday 21st April 2022 Zee World: on Can you see me Thursday 21 April 2022 Zee World.

Rohini sees neighbors bringing Anandita home and asks Neelam to keep her away from Barbie’s family’s eyes. Neelam hides Anandita in store room. Pihu cries seeing this. Sooraj notices and rushes Anandita to her room. He cleans her injuries and apologizes for not taking care of her, he was giving responsibility of her and this house, but he did not notice her. Pihu says he is good, but Neelam is bad.

ACP speaks to Bobby and says he loves Barbie, so he is not investigating his truth. Pihu decides to trouble him and creates fart sound. ACP asks if he is marrying Barbie for money. Pihu creates fart sound again. ACP says disgusting. Barbie says he did not it. ACP asks if he did it then and leaves fuming. Pihu laughs and continues creating sound. Sooraj stops him and says whatever he is doing is wrong. Bobby says he is right, he did not fart. Sooraj says he means this house is Anandita’s and he is just caretaker, Bobby cannot lie that this is his house. Bobbby emotionally blackmails him that he is doing it to marry Barbie and in childhood he used to steal Sooraj’s money and drink lemon soda as he wanted to see smile on poor seller’s face. Sooraj asks till when they should continue this. Bobby says till engagement in a day or two.

Barbie and Bobby’s engagement ceremony starts. Barbie’s mother does ritual on her. Suspicious man calls landline. ACP picks call. Suspicious man asks to call Anandita. ACP says this is Bobby’s Khanna’s house, no Anandita stays here. Anandita comes and says she is Anandita and this is her house, who are they all and what are they doing here. ACP asks Bobby who is this woman. Anandita says she is owner of this house. Rohini says this woman is mad and asks Neelam to take her to her room.

Anandita asks why should she go. Pihu asks her to calm down. Anandita asks why should see. ACP keenly observes her talking in air. Bobby says Anandita and her husband are her servants and since her husband’s death, Anandita has lost her mental stability and considers this house as hers, but he did not sent her out and gave her a room separately. Anandita gets very angry. Pihu thinks she should calm down mamma…

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