Can you see me Thursday 28th April 2022 Zee World

Can you see me Thursday 28th April 2022 Zee World: on Can you see me Thursday 28 April 2022 Zee World.

Bobby and his parents’ DNA test results come back negative. Barbie happily hugs him. Bobby asks ACP if he is satisfied now, these old people are not his parents. Mom cries not to do this to them. Rohini stops ACP Hukumchand and says he challenged that he will do anything if reports come back negative, he has to kick out these budha budhi/old people. Father slaps her angrily saying it is better to be childless than bearing children like her. Rohini tries to slap him back, but Pihu gets into her body and says apologizes father and says they changed report, asks Bobby to explain that they are thieves and their motto is to. Bobby says they are jokers. Rohini asks to tell that he does not want to marry Barbie. Bobby says she is joking. ACP says enough of drama now, as promised he will send these

old people out, and asks to inform when marriage is fixed. Barbie asks Bobby when they should marry.
Pihu asks Gopal how to save Barbie from Bobby now.

Gopal opens windows. Pihu asks to close window, she is flying. Gopal says she lost her body due to moon rays and will get back her body due to moon rays again. Pihu gets back her body. She flickers Barbie’s room lights and flutters windows and says Barbie did I am back to help you. Barbie gets afraid asks who is it. Pihu asks if she cannot see her, hold blanket and dances. Barbie gets more afraid and chants hanuman chalisa. Pihu repeats and says she forgot a verse. Barbie says she is afraid of bhooths. Pihu says she is good bhooth, bhootu and will not harm anyone. Barbie run away.

Vikram takes Bobby’s parents to his room and says he does not know what to do, until he finds out truth, he cannot comment. ACP tells he knows they are Bobby’s parents, but report his negative, so he has to get Barbie married to Bobby. Bobby and Rohini discuss their plan details to loot ACP and then find another target in another city. Rohini says it is not easy. Bobby says he will blame Barbie instead.

Anandita wakes up in the morning and finds Pihu sleeping next to her. She says she did not speak to Subodh since long and searches mobile. Pihu says papa left and promised to bring her an anklet. Anandita gets happy. She sees Vikram standing outside her room and closes door.

Rohini bribes Neelam and gives her laptop. Neelam takes laptop all around house shouting at ACP tat his daughter did a heinous act. Sooraj sees and says this is wrong and shows laptop to ACP. ACP sees Barbie’s intimate pics with another man. Neelam continues her drama. Rohini smirks hiding behind pillar and seeing the drama…

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