Can you see me Tuesday 26th April 2022 Zee World

Can you see me Tuesday 26th April 2022 Zee World: on Can you see me Tuesday 26  April 2022 Zee World.

Anandita makes 1000 lamps and lights them. One lamp flickers. Anandita and Vikram hold it together. Daadi fumes. Vikram says Anandita fulfilled her ritual by fasting and completing 1000 lamps. Daadi says next ritual is she will chant mantras for a week, till then Anandita and Vikram have to stay away from each other. Vikram says he does not believe in all this. Daadi says even she does not want to, but it is their kulguru’s order, another person may die in their family. Vikram says he will not follow it and will decide if he wants to stay with his wife or mother. Daadi starts emotional drama and Vikram agrees. He leaves with Anandita. Daadi thinks 7 minutes are enough to break relationships, forget 7 days, soon Anandita will go far away from Vikram.

Shona plays videogame. Pihu asks why she plays arrogant games. Shona warns not to disturb her. Pihu says she must be missing her mother, where is she. Shona says she does not remember. Pihu insists to tell where her mamma is, if she is angry on her mother. Shona says she is angry on Pihu and wants to punish her. Pihu insists to tell where her mother is. Shona warns not to disturb her. Pihu asks to close her eyes and imagine her mother. Shona does and says she does not remember anything as she was found in orphanage, used to stay in orphanage before staying on footpath.

Daadi calls Mohini and asks if her work is done. Mohini says she has voice CD, but doubts Anandita will fall into their trap. Daadi warns not to use her brain, just be ready for the traps, this time Anandita will be out.

Shona tells Pihu that she used to stay in orphanage where fat aunty used to beat her more than giving food. She used to snatch food and eat while Pihu’s mother runs behind her. She does not even know who her mother is and when and where she was born. She shouts at pihu to go now and pushes her away, feeling sad.

Daadi starts evil game again and tells Anandita that she hears Subodh’s voice as if he is in deep pain and writhing alone, he has not got mukti. Anandita says it is her imagination. Daadi says it is happening since 3-4 days, maybe Subodh was not ready for Anandita’s second marriage and wants Anandita to break her second marriage.

Pihu searches Gopal. She findss Gopal watering plants and mimics what Shona told. She realizes orphanage is near railway station, but why did not she think about it. Gopal says she had gone deaf. Pihu says she was not. Gopal says whenever someone gets angry, they should concentrate on their feelings than shouting. Pihu says how will they go to orphanage, Shona will not take her, hope her friend would have taken her, looking at Gopal. Gopal says he is busy. She insists.

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