Can you see me Wednesday 20th April 2022 Zee World

Can you see me Wednesday 20th April 2022 Zee World: on Can you see me Wednesday 20 April 2022 Zee World.

Anandita runs on road seeing Pihu running into a house. Someone locks door from outside. Pihu shouts to stop and tries to do magic but cannot. Anandita collapses on road. A speeding truck heads towards her.

Pihu pleads Gopal to save her mamma. Suspicious man comes running holding a cart with pots and pushes towards truck. Truck stops, saving Anandita. People gather around Anadita. Pihu comes out somehow and scolds him why he is trying to kill her mamma. Man walks towards her and she gets afraid. He picks diamond on ground and leaves.

Bobby continues impressing ACP and boasts this house was built by her grandfather in 1940s, his grandfather was a freedom fighter. ACP taunts him and says even his father was in 1942 agitation, which agitation his grandfather was in. Bobby stammers in

nervousness and signals Rohini. Rohini handles situation. He boasts about old vase. Barbie’s brother Sunny breaks it and says it is not strong. Sunny then boasts this chandelier is brought by his mom from London.

ACP says it is high and Sunny cannot reach there. Sooraj fumes that Bobby lies so much since childhood. Neelam says let him lie, they are paid already.
Bobby and Barbie’s romance starts. Barbie asks why did not he tell he has a bungalow in Lucknow. He says this bungalow is very small compared to his Delhi, Mumbai and other city bungalows. Barbie asks Bobbie why did not he look at her at all. He says he is impressing his father to be with her forever and starts impressing her that she is so beautiful. Barbie says she is so obese, even then he loves her so much, else everyone hate obese girls. Some were insisting to get her married to any divorce or old man and get rid of her soon. Bobby says he loves her so much. She says she is very lucky. He tries to kiss her when Sunny walks in and asks what is he doing. He says she got fever, so he was checking her.

Bobby’s drama continues. ACP checks whole house and walks towards Anandita’s room. Rohini sees Subodh’s photo inside, silently walks in and throws it away. Pihu walks in and seeing papa’s photo on floor shouts who threw it. A few people carry Anadita home. Sooraj see her and gets worried, scolds Neelam how did madamji go out. People discuss that Anandita is owner of such a big mansion, but has no one to take care of her. Sooraj asks to take her up. Rohini gets tensed hearing this.

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