In Africa, Netflix has launched a free plan.

Netflix is releasing a new free mobile plan in Kenya in order to increase its user base.

Netflix has launched a new free mobile plan in Africa with the aim of attracting more paid members to its streaming service. This comes after Netflix launched a mobile-only package in Sub-Saharan Africa a few months ago with the same objective of attracting more members with a low-cost subscription.

The new free plan is only available to Android users in Kenya, and according to some estimates, the free mobile plan will include only a fourth of the premium plan’s library. Viewers will be able to watch popular programs and dramas such as Money Heist, Bridgerton, Blood & Water, as well as some of the material the business licenses from others, with the free mobile package.

Paid material will be available on the app as well, but will be marked with a lock icon while users enjoy the free content. The user will be encouraged to join up and upgrade to a paying membership if they click on the restricted content.

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To be eligible to stream on the Netflix free plan, you must be 18 or older and live in Kenya. Viewers may establish up to five profiles, just as on the paying plans. What’s more fascinating is that, although providing all of the benefits for free, Netflix will not require you to provide any payment information in order to utilize this service.

The free plan, on the other hand, has certain limitations. This free package does not include features like the ability to download movies or series. Given that viewers would have access to a large number of movies for free, I feel the restriction is reasonable (no payments whatsoever). Because this is not a trial, consumers can continue to use the service without charge.

This plan is now accessible in Kenya, so if you’re a Kenyan citizen and over the age of 18, you may start using the Netflix free mobile plan right away.

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