Movierulz 2021: Download Latest Hollywood And Bollywood Movies HD

movierulz is just like one of the numerous movie download website online, They provide Bollywood movies and tvshows to their users for free.

Piracy has affected the movie industry throughout the world. There are several websites around the world such as Movierulz that publishes hijacked movies and leak them online for free before the film could even be released.

Fans who cannot wait for films tend to download this pirated film that leads to a decrease in the audience that goes to the theater to watch the latest films. Movierulz has leaked content for a long time now. These all you need to know about this piracy website.

About MovieRulz

Movierulz is a popular public torrent site where you can download and watch Indian films and fresh Hollywood. The film available on this site is HD quality. Initially, Movierulz only provided a Tamil film on the platform. That means you can only download and watch Tamil movies from Movierulz. However, in recent years, the website has done the task of developing itself.

Now, you can find Bollywood and Hollywood films in the Movierulz and Afdah films. Besides that, you will also get Malayalam movie to watch. Apart from the latest films, Movierulz is also a good source of the latest TV shows, music videos, and serials.

On this platform, any video content is available in various formats. The video format available in Movierulz is as follows:


One thing that creates this special website is a fast download server. In other words, you can smoothly download videos without much interference. Also, depending on the space available on your device, you can download videos in various sizes. The file size available includes 150MB, 250MB, 700 MB, 1.2GB, and more.

To make everything simpler for you, Movierulz is also equipped with a special mobile application. You can download this application on your Android device and enjoy free online movies anywhere. This mobile application is a faster alternative to the Movierulz website.

The Movierulz mobile application gives you unlimited access to various documentaries, web series, drama and music videos. However, because Movierulz is an illegal site and is prohibited everywhere, you will not be able to find this application on the Google Playstore or Apple Store. To download this application, you must receive assistance from third-party hosting sites.

The Movierulz application measures 1.4 MB. This special application is compatible with Android version 4.0 and the other on it. However, if you want to download this application, you must get the latest version that has been released on January 26, 2021. The current version of the Movierulz application is version 7.0.

Features Available on MovieRulz Website/App

If you use the Movierulz website, you will see that it comes with certain features that are not available on other public torrent sites. The presence of these features has made Movierulz one of the most popular sites for online film downloads.

Here are some important features that distinguish this website from others:

Good user interface.

Operate a new application on your smartphone as soon as you download it can be a little confusing. This is because you need time to get used to the application user interface. However, you will not face difficulties with the download application of this film. The Movierulz application comes with a simple and flexible user interface that allows you to manage and operate it smoothly.

Fast Download

Compared to the Movierulz website, this application provides faster download and streaming speeds. This is caused by the fact that the Movierulz application server has a very fast server. These servers allow streaming online and download at very fast speeds.

Small file size

If you have limited storage space on your mobile device, it doesn’t need to worry. The Movierulz application size is quite small. The application is only 1.4 MB. Thus, it will not cause interference with your device or affect its overall performance.

How to Download Movies from MovieRulz Website

Downloading movies and tvshows from a pirate website. However, before you continue with the download process, you must be connected to a virtual personal network. Movierulz is not a legal website and is therefore prohibited in various countries including India. So, to connect to this website, you need VPN help.

In addition, you have to make sure to find the right proxy site from the current Movierulz. Because this is an illegal site, it requires many proxy / mirror sites to stay. To download the latest movies and performances in Movierulz, this is what you need to do:

Step 1

At first, find out where the Movierulz proxy domain is active and functioning properly. After you find out, visit the site. When you land on a website veranda, you will be able to see poster various new films and shows.

Step 2.

Look for the search bar on the veranda and then click. After that, type the name of the movie or TV show you want to enjoy. When the search results appear, look for the movie you want in the list.

Step 3.

Because this illegal website runs on sponsorship, you will face various pop-up ads when you use this website. Be sure to cut this ad. You might face five pop-ups. After you pass the pop-up, you will find a movie thumbnail along with the download option right below it.

Step 4.

After that, select the video format where you want to download the movie. The video format will depend on the availability of storage space on your system or device.

After download is complete, now you can enjoy the film smoothly.

Proxy domain for Movierulz

Being an illegal website, Movierulz has been banned and removed by Google and many other governments in the world. However, it hasn’t stopped these sites from the function. Movierulz has returned with a different domain to bypass the ban.

TvShows4mobile 2021: Download Latest Movies and TV Series on has been the earliest and oldest site for Movierulz. It has become a large source of Hollywood, Bollywood, and South regional films. However, it is prohibited because of the problem of piracy. Movierulz is a website that is quite popular and operates with several of the following proxy domains: is one of the most popular domains and is widely used from the Movierulz official website. This domain site is also known as the Movierulul Torrent Magnet. You can download all the latest Hollywood, Bollywood and Tamil films from this site for free. At the same time, you can also watch movies and show through streaming online.


This is another proxy domain for Movierulz. It was first established in 2018. However, it began to gain popularity in 2021. You can get all the latest TV shows, films, serials, documentaries from this site for free.

Similar to the website, is the main proxy site or domain for movierulz. You can access and download high-quality video content for free. Because this domain is quite popular in India, it attracts more than one million active users and viewers from the country. This makes the website a little slow.

Bollyshare 2021 -HD Free Movies Download Website

This Movierulz special domain site is basically a combination of two great websites used to download pirated content. These two websites are 123movies and filmrulz. Interestingly, is actually converted from movierulz.vpn. Movierulz.VPN has become a popular and active domain site for the past few years. However, this site is not now.


Telugu. If you are a great fan of Telugu language films, then this can be your favorite Movierulz domain. Movierulz.Telugu is a good source not only for the latest Telugu film but also for the show and Telugu series. In addition, you can also access the Telugu Hit Blockbuster movie here.

Unfortunately, you can’t find a Bollywood, Hollywood or Tamil movie on this platform. This site is exclusively for Telugu films.

Movierulz.plz is one of the latest proxy domains from Movierulz. There are no more than 500 pirated content on this website. You can only get the latest Bollywood, Hollywood and Regional movies. So, for the latest release, you can rely on Movierulz.plz.

However, this particular domain comes with certain weaknesses. You might not find HD quality videos for all movies or shows. At the same time, this site is often problematic with annoying pop-up ads. now is the official site for Movierulz. When facing a ban from various countries because of piracy problems, Movierulz must change their names and addresses. Until now, Movierulz is in the name of This is one of the most famous websites used internationally to download pirated videos throughout the world.

It has succeeded in securing the rank of 5000 top public torrent sites in the world.

Apart from the proxy domain mentioned above, there are also several other options that you can consider Movierulz.ol, Movierulz.VIP, Movierulz.Cov, Movierulz.nh, etc.

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