Once there was a king Tuesday 19th April Zee World

Once there was a king Tuesday 19th April Zee World: on Once there was a king Tuesday 19 April Zee World.

During their hug Rani says she knew he was lying to himself as well, today all the misunderstandings have been cleared. Raja unstraps her dress, Rani pushes him away wondering what he is doing. Raja replies he is just loving her, Rani says this isn’t what love means. Raja asks if love doesn’t mean this, she wouldn’t have left her respect behind to come to palace at this time of night. He questions Rani about her song’s lyrics. Rani cries questioning why he hurt her. Raja moves away saying he doesn’t care for her tears anymore. There was only an attraction between them, that is normal in this age; but such stories only last for one night. They can prolong this story to a number of nights, if she wish for. Rani asks Raja if this relation means only enjoyment for him, then alright.

She removes her stroller off her, loosening the stripe of her dress and walks closer to him. She moves closer to him to kiss him, he jerks her away angrily and asks if she has gone crazy. Rani smiles victoriously, boasting she found out the truth. She can peek into his heart. Raja warns Rani to leave, before he does something for which she can’t forgive him.
Rani tells Raja she won’t go anywhere, college is starting from tomorrow. She will go to college, and fulfil her Dadu’s dream. If he really doesn’t love her, her presence must not make any difference for her. She want to see how he lives happily, making her go away from him. She drapes herself in her stroller, and wish to meet him in college tomorrow before leaving.

Raaj Mata pours tea for Jeewan, Jeewan questions where it has been written that only Rani must bend. Raaj Mata explains that apologizing doesn’t mean Rani considers her smaller than Raja, this only qualifies she wants to save her friendship. Jeewan insists that Raaj doesn’t love Rani, Rani comes home clarifying she loves Raja. She stops Jeewan, as she doesn’t want to hear anything against Raja. Jeewan asks her again to listen to him, Rani tells him to go home, it’s late and they want to sleep. She takes Raaj Mata inside, Jeewan leaves helpless.

On the breakfast table next day, Kaal tells Raja he was sure Raja can’t complete this hotel project. When the girl Rani left him, who put all her life at stake for him, who else will stay. Raja argues it is her head ache. Amrita interrupts them discussing work matters, and asks Bindu how her foreign trip was. Bindu excitedly tells them the beauty of London. Raja curtly asks why she returned. Bindu says she came back for him only, then explains it was because their college is starting from tomorrow. She was excited as Raja has also been promoted this year. Raja informs he won’t go to college anymore. Kaal says alright, if a horse can’t win the race he must not run the race. Raja passed the exam this year only because of Rani. Raja leaves the table.

The next morning in college, Meenu comes to greet Rani. The bell rings, Rani looked around when Bindu comes to her saying if Raja didn’t tell her. She taunts Rani to be down market again, Rani comes to the point asking what Raja didn’t share with her.

Bindu says Raja won’t come to college anymore. Rani wonders why Raja doesn’t accept his love, if he is so much moved by her presence. Raja comes whistling from behind a tree. Bindu goes hugging him, Raja says he came for Bindu only because she would have been sad otherwise. He walks to Rani now, greeting her with a Hi. Rani replies hello. He compliments her, singing for her. He asks Rani if she thought he will leave the college to stay away from her, this city and college both belong to him;

if someone has to leave its going to be Rani. He goes inside with Bindu.
In the class the teacher was marking attendance, Rani takes her permission to enter the glass. Raja enters the class, the teacher scolds him for entering without her permission. Raja boasts this is his college, he doesn’t need a permission to enter anywhere. The teacher allows him to take a seat. Rani leaves the seat beside her, but he moves to the other chair. He smiles mockingly. Jeewan was late, but asks a permission and the teacher allows him. He spots a seat beside Rani, she leaves the chair for him. Raja visibly dislike this.

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